What is Spanish Immersion?

Are you new to the world of Spanish immersion education? You’re not alone. More and more parents have come to recognize the cognitive and social benefits of bilingualism at a young age, but if you haven’t experienced Spanish immersion firsthand, it may be hard to imagine how it all plays out. To put it simply, Spanish immersion education is based on the principle that children learn a language best when they’re surrounded by it, organically acquiring it through experience. Songs, movement, books, play and plenty of visuals create authentic experiences that allow children to learn a second language naturally. It’s far from a traditional approach to language instruction you may have experienced in school, in which vocabulary lists and rote memorization were the model for language learning. As opposed to structured lessons on syntax and conjugations, children learn to deduce, reason and problem solve in a Spanish immersion environment. In turn, the knowledge they create is more meaningful and lasting because it’s directly related to their own sensory experiences. For teachers and parents alike, it’s remarkable to watch the natural ability of a young human brain, capable of adapting to a foreign language to which the child had never before been exposed. This journey of second language acquisition looks a lot like acquisition of one’s mother tongue. The child begins in a somewhat silent stage, gradually coming to understand the language input based on context cues and environment. Next comes early pre-production, with limited comprehension and short (one to two word) responses. Speech emergence follows: a time with increased yet limited comprehension when a child begins to form short sentences, often with grammatical errors. Intermediate fluency, a time of excellent comprehension and few grammatical errors is next, followed by advanced fluency in line with that of a native speaker. Spanish immersion education is an investment in early childhood bilingualism, a true gift to a young human being. At One Hundred Leaves Preschool, we’re committed to helping each child - not only to see the wonders of life through another language, but to help them wire their brain for a lifetime of success.

For more information about the benefits of a bilingual brain, click on the link for this TED talk:

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 Spanish Immersion