Our Mission

To develop courageous leaders and innovative critical thinkers to reach their potential to excel in kindergarten and life.

Our Beliefs

At One Hundred Leaves Preschool, we believe that all children:

  • Possess infinite possibilities for learning in all languages.
  • Are protagonists of their education, capable of creating knowledge by drawing their own conclusions.
  • Are strong and resilient, able to self-regulate and act independently.
  • Deserve time for concentration and engagement in projects that inspire them.
  • Find intrinsic motivation through meaningful experiences.
  • Learn through experience, inquiry and reflection.

Our Values: The Five C’s

At One Hundred Leaves Preschool, we’re committed to excellence among all members of our school family, with students, parents and teachers alike guided by five simple values.

As part of the OHL family, I am:

Conscious (Consciente): aware of self, others and surroundings. I am observant, evaluative and introspective.

Caring (Cariñoso): kind, compassionate, loving, respectful and nonjudgmental. I take care of myself, others and the environment.

Curious (Curioso): guided by a love of learning, I am led by wonder and inquisitiveness to create knowledge and continue to grow. I’m a student of life and the world, always thirsty to learn more.

Creative (Creativo): innovative and inventive, I am a problem solver, an independent thinker, free to explore ideas and challenges. I think critically to reach solutions and to bring forth new ideas.

Collaborative (Colaborativo): communicative and cooperative, I am an open-minded team player, adaptable and flexible in mindset. I provide ideas and solutions, and I listen and value others’ contributions. I seek and cultivate meaningful connections, interest in the unfamiliar and a wide breadth of thought. Collective thinking leads to bold action.